Linkin Park Live Concert @iDays Monza (Milano)

Had an amazing experience for the second time in my life seeing my most favourite band playing live in my home town in Italy! 😍😀

Linkin Park took part in the iDays music festival which took place in Monza, just outside the center of Milan. They were the headliners of the day, while other famouse punk rock bands such as Blink 182 and Sum 41 properly warmed up the crowd 😎.

I was so lucky to stay so close to the stage this time (about 15m of distance), although I had to suffer for 10 hours under a literally burning sun with an average of 34 °C… Not to mention after the concert I was physically wasted! In the end, I could say it was worth it! 🤘🎸

Check out a cool montage of some vids I’ve shot and some pics below!

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