I truly believe the two main drivers for everyone’s path to success should be curiosity and passion. To me, curiosity means being eager to constantly learn something new, according to the getting 1% better every day principle. I interpret “passion” simply as do what you love, love what you do.

Being a computer engineer nowadays is more complex than what the outside world makes it sound. IT is a challenging field, it grows at an incredibly fast pace, and attempting to constantly catch up with new technologies, frameworks, and programming languages feels almost overwhelming at times. What I love about my job and my role as a Software Engineer is that it seamlessly forces you to learn to adapt, to be resilient to failures, and constantly grow to overcome new challenges. Oh, and there’s people! Yes, because being able to effectively communicate your ideas to others and learn from others are key requirements for high-quality software design. My ideal work environment features a diverse group of people. I’d love to be inspired, feel inspirational, be challenged by different perspectives, and build valuable and trustful connections with people around me.


Thanks to both my academic specialization in Data Science and my working experiences, I built a highly versatile professional profile, endorsed with a variety of skills within modern computer science. My top specialties are Cloud Computing technologies (Azure), distributed systems, highly scalable software, Microservices (Service Fabric), Web APIs, Agile Development, CI/CD (Azure DevOps), Security, scripting and automation with PowerShell. Besides Software Engineering, I’m also keen on Web Development, Android applications, Machine Learning & AI, Databases, Big Data & Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing.

Software Development

C#, Java, and .NET Framework, Python, C, Android, CI/CD (Azure DevOps), Software Engineering and Design, Algorithms, UML diagrams, Unit Testing, Game Development in Unity.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure, Microservices architecture, Azure Service Fabric, ASP.NET Core, Azure Active Directory.

Data Science & AI

Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Visualizations, Artificial Intelligence.

Databases and Big Data

Microsoft SQL Server, Pandas DataFrames, Neo4j, MongoDB, MapReduce, Apache Spark.

Front-End Web Development

HTML , CSS , Javascript, jQuery, AJAX.

Back-End Web Development


Shell Scripting

PowerShell, Linux Bash.


Microsoft Visual Studio, JetBrains IntelliJ & Android Studio.

My experience as a Software Engineer at Microsoft

In my current role as Software Engineer at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, I deal with the development of backend Cloud services operating the ERP SaaS Dynamics 365 Business Central product.

My everyday problem-solving drills down to finding solutions and optimizing existing ones to guarantee reliability, resiliency, and security of the Cloud services that run the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform in Azure. This involves a considerable amount of feature development and operations that focus on:

  • State of the art software development methodologies (Agile) and workflows
  • Development and maintenance of a broad set of Web API based microservices running on Azure Service Fabric
  • Making our Cloud services seamless and robust
  • Improving deployments and automation
  • Optimizing maintenance operations
  • Keeping our infrastructure and code up to date and secure by adopting new technologies and new industry standards.

A brief overview of the core technologies and frameworks we adopt:

  • Development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Git
  • Frameworks: ASP.NET Core Web APIs running as Microservices on Azure Service Fabric
  • CI/CD: Azure DevOps
  • Scripting & Automation: PowerShell
  • Cloud Computing infrastructure: Microsoft Azure