My period as a Data Science student at DTU went in parallel with a couple of part-time working experiences within the IT field. I, therefore, built a highly versatile professional profile, endorsed with a variety of skills within computer science, with noticeable interest in Cloud Computing technologies and highly scalable software. Among my passions, it’s worth mentioning Software Engineering, Web Development, Android applications, Networking, and Databases.
My current working experience in Microsoft is remarkably strengthening my knowledge within software development, which makes me a highly professional resource in the job market. In particular, during my day-to-day life at work, I constantly deal with automation of deployment processes with scripting languages such as Windows PowerShell, development of ASP.NET (Core) microservices running in distributed Service Fabric clusters, Microsoft Azure as Cloud platform, CI/CD with Azure DevOps and state of the art software development methodologies and workflows.
My recent academic career exposed me to trending topics such as Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data, Network Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. I’ve been so lucky and proud of being immersed in a cutting-edge environment at DTU, internationally known for its practical and project-based approach.
My Master’s Degree project, “The Role of Divisive Topics in Network Structure”, was the final endorsement of the achieved results within my specialization. It is a large-scale analysis of controversies on Twitter, which studies the long-term effect of ideological polarization on social media platforms deeply populated by online conversations with socio-political backgrounds and contexts.

Technologies and Frameworks

Software Development

Java, C# and .NET Framework, Python, C, Android, CI/CD (Azure DevOps), Software Engineering and Design, Algorithms, UML diagrams, Unit Testing, Game Development in Unity.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure, Microservices development, Azure Service Fabric, ASP.NET, Azure Active Directory.

Data Science & AI

Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Visualizations, Artificial Intelligence in multi-agent systems.

Databases and Big Data

Microsoft SQL Server, Pandas DataFrames, Neo4j, MongoDB, MapReduce, Apache Spark, xPath.

Front-End Web Development

HTML , CSS , Javascript, jQuery, AJAX.

Back-End Web Development


Shell Scripting

PowerShell, Linux Bash.


Microsoft Visual Studio, JetBrains IntelliJ & Android Studio.

Expertise Areas

Software Development
Data Science and Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Android Mobile Development
Web Development