What I “hacked” on at Microsoft Hackathon 2021

One of this year’s most memorable experiences was my participation in the Microsoft Hackathon in October. It was actually the first hackathon I ever joined as a “hacker”. I was just by myself (not in a group), with lots of good intentions and a great spirit to achieve one simple goal: learn something new while having fun with other colleagues! I took the opportunity to spend 2 and a half days exploring the world of Azure App Services to host a simple ASP.NET Core Web API application on Azure.
Combining my current work experience with the help of Microsoft Docs and of course precious tips from other fellow hackers, I learned:

  1. How to use Entity Framework Core to access data stored in an Azure SQL Database and use EF Migrations to handle database schema changes
  2. How to use the built-in Authentication middleware to automatically support user authentication through the most common identity providers
  3. How to completely forget about application credentials such as database connection strings and solely rely on Azure Managed Identities to seamlessly handle service-to-service authentication

A full immersion to better understand the building blocks and state-of-the-art requirements of a modern scalable application running in the Cloud.

Looking forward to the next hackathon! Thank you, Microsoft, for offering these invaluable opportunities. I believe nowadays our daily schedule is getting more and more hectic and finding quality time for work-related learning is challenging. I do believe though that learning should be a top priority because it’s the best long-term investment we can do for our professional growth.

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