One of this year’s most memorable experiences was my participation in the Microsoft Hackathon in October. It was actually the first hackathon I ever joined as a “hacker”. I was just by myself (not in a group), with lots of good intentions and a great spirit to achieve one simple goal: learn […]

What I “hacked” on at Microsoft Hackathon 2021

Yes, the dude below is me and that’s my daily office setup for the last 3 weeks or so. Well, precisely, I mean my home office setup. You got it, me when I’m #WorkingFromHome. These are hard times for everybody, and with the increasing spread of CoViD-19 all over Europe, […]

I’ve been featured on the Microsoft #WorkingFromHome Series!

What is 2019 Rewind? I know, this sounds like something people usually do when New Year’s Eve is approaching which means I’m already quite late. However, I’m one of those who very rarely manage to find some time to just stop and think, to have a break in their busy, […]

Graduation Day: 2019 Rewind, Chapter 1

I got literally shocked by the loss of the frontman and lead singer of my most favourite band, Linkin Park, happened on July 20th, 2017, by confirmed suicide. I can’t fully believe it and realize it yet, but I know I will have to, somehow, at some point. Besides the […]


People may give it for granted, however, one of the greatest lucks of being Italian is to have beaches where you could just lie and relax and observe what’s in front of you. You should just try passing by, stop thinking to whatever you have in mind, free it and […]

Sunrise by the sea

I’m really fond of classical music. Somebody would rather believe that, if he/she knew I’m a great fan of Linkin Park. And surprise, since many years ago I’ve been listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky just to mention some of them! I love them as much as I also love movie […]

Hans Zimmer Live @Copenhagen